Mechatronics and Flexible Production Trainer (MODEL: MCTR08)

This is one of the most comprehensive Mechatronics training aid available on horizon. The broad spectrum of technology covered makes it one of the best training aid available in the industry today.
There are two modules. Each module can be purchased individually with possibility to expand to other module in future. These modules can be used individually or all together.

Entire system is interfaced with PLC. The plant enables students to understand application of PLC and Mechatronics by way of batch process and material handling system. It incorporates various mechanical, pneumatic, electro-pneumatic and electronic components. The entire system is controlled by a PLC,

The system consists of two major and multiple minor modules
1. Batch Process Module
2. Material handling and pre-processing of logistics module
a. Packages feeding module
b. Package Inspection module
c. Linear Transport module, 2 Nos.
d. Rotary Transport module, 2 Nos.
e. Sorting and Stacking module

There are two options of control schema.
1. Combination of Remote and Local panel
2. Local panel