Computer Operated Pneumatics Trainer

Computer Based Pneumatic Trainer (MODEL: PNE14)

This trainer explains essential physical principles of pneumatics apart from describing the basic components along with their constructions and functions. It can be upgraded to learn advanced theories and comparatively complicated circuits.

It helps students in the designing and building of various pneumatic circuits. The trainer is available as a compact table top unit. Alternately it can be supplied as a trolley mounted on wheels for convenient handling.

Various different models are available to suit varied requirements of the institutes. Basic, Advanced, Electro-Pneumatic, PLC operated and PC operated trainers are available.

Electro-Pneumatics is widely used in all industries for a variety of applications. The combination of electrical controls and pneumatics is very effective in automation. These circuits can also be studied on select models of the trainer.

All the models can be supplied with profile plate and sliding arrangement for in-use component mounting and component storage facility. The advantage of this system is that it is space saving and the user can add more components as and when required.

Computer Based Training Software (Automation Studio Software) On Oil Hydraulics and Pneumatics is also available as stand-alone software or a part of the equipment.

An interface device for interface of trainer with Automation Studio Software is also available.