Computerised Air Compressor Test Rig (MODEL: PCF14)

This is an invaluable aid in the effective understanding of the performance characteristics of reciprocating type air compressor. The compressor may be run using an AC or a DC motor. The trainer carries out a complete analysis of acquired data and represents the results in tabular as well as graphical format. Various parameters like pressure, suction air flow, compressor speed, power input, etc., are measured.

The parameters are fed to the computer via a signal conditioning unit, the interfacing and communication system along with necessary power supply. The acquired data is then analysed and displayed in tabular/ graphical format by the software provided.

The software is Windows based, user friendly and menu driven. Facility to print the data helps students keep a record of their experiments.

Optionally, a PC based arrangement to plot P-Theta plot of the compressor can be supplied.