HMT02 (Product62

Four Cylinder Four Stroke Petrol Engine Test Rig (MODEL: HMT02)

The engine test rig is designed for students to conduct experiments and study the performance of various types of engines. The engine and dynamometer are mounted on a bedplate. The rig facilitates easy measurement of temperatures, fuel consumption, air consumption, brake-power and engine speed. Testing can be carried out at various loads.

The user can specify the type of engine they want for testing. We can supply test rig for single or multi cylinder petrol or diesel engine. Various types of dynamometers can be supplied like Rope Brake Dynamometer, Electrical Dynamometer (Alternator or DC generator), Eddy Current Dynamometer, Hydraulic Dynamometer.

Optionally, a PC interface for the engine test rig can be supplied. The engine is run at various loads and the data is stored in the PC using sensors and an interface device.

The load on the engine can be varied from the PC. The system provides logical inferences of the test performed on any I. C. Engine within the range of the dynamometer. The test rig facilitates the printing and downloading of the acquired data for further analysis and graph plotting.

Optionally, a facility to plot a P- diagram can be supplied. The cylinder pressure is measured using a Piezo pressure transducer. This along with a Crank Angle Marker and fast data acquisition module enables the user to view a P- plot on the PC.