Hydraulic Trainer as a water medium (HYD17-R)

Hydraulic Trainer With Water As Medium (MODEL: HYD17)

In the training laboratory oil can be messy. Maintaining oil operated hydraulic trainer is a big task and its operating costs are high. NiYo Engineers has come out with a trainer that solves all these problems – Oil Hydraulic Trainer that operates on tap water – NOT Oil. The components used are capable of operating up to 160 bar pressure. However, for training purposes the operating pressure of the trainer is 30 bar. Typical industrial application of this includes Food, Textile, Nuclear, Off–shore, Luxury Boat, etc.

The trainer is exactly the same as any typical Oil Operated Hydraulic Trainer except for the fact that oil is used in the trainer. The trainer explains the essential physical principles of hydraulics. It demonstrates the construction and working of basic as well as advanced components and helps the students in the designing and building of basic and advanced hydraulic circuits. It can be upgraded to learn the advanced theories and comparatively complicated circuits. The trainer aims at helping the students to make complex hydraulic circuits.

Optionally, sliding arrangement for in-use component mounting can be provided along with component storage facility.