Boiler level control is one of the most widely used and critical control loop in an industry. NiYo Engineers’ Three-Term Boiler Level Control Trainer with SCADA is an advanced control system trainer.

The equipment does not require a boiler or heating thus eliminating safety hazards in a training environment. Without actually producing steam, the trainer demonstrates the control of Boiler Level Control (Three Term Control). SCADA system enhances the knowledge value of the training imparted.


  • Dummy Boiler Shell of small size
  • Sump Tank
  • Drum Level Transmitter (Differential Pressure Transmitter)
  • Feed water Flow Transmitter
  • Steam Flow rate Transmitter
  • Pneumatic control valve
  • E/P Converter
  • Pressure gauges
  • Industrial Ethernet switch
  • PLC
  • PLC Software
  • SCADA Software
  • PC
  • Compressor