NiYo Engineers’ Cascade Control System Trainer helps trainees familiarise with various aspects of feedback control, Cascade control and Ratio control scheme.

Water flow through pipe is measured and controlled using a pneumatic control valve or an electrical control valve. The same setup can be used for control of level in a transparent level tank.

The system incorporates standard industrial components.

The system clarifies concept of master-slave PID controller, remote setpoint of PID controller and primary-secondary variables. Trainees can have a hands-on experience on tuning of PID controls. The effect of step-change response of a critically damped, underdamped or an overdamped system can be seen on graphs.

Pneumatic PID Controller can also be supplied.

The Trainer can be operated using a PC where a Windows based software is used for monitoring the control system.


  1. Sump tank
  2. Process Tank
  3. Water pumps
  4. Flow sensor Transmitter
  5. Level Sensor Transmitter
  6. Rotameter
  7. Pneumatic control valve
  8. Electrical control valve
  9. Valve positioner
  10. Electronic PID Controller
  11. Pneumatic PID Controller
  12. Pump
  13. I/P converter
  14. Filter regulator
  15. Interface card
  16. Software
  17. Computer
  18. Compressor