NiYo Engineers’ Computer Operated Multiple Oil Pump Test Rig is a training equipment that helps understand design and operation concepts of different types of oil pumps and positive displacement pumps.

This is a recirculating type pump test rig. Since this is a positive displacement pump, a special relief valve arrangement helps varying flowrate of the pump without compromising on safety aspect. Pump study is carried out by varying discharge flow rate, pressure and pump speed. Transducers measure flow rate, pressure, power input to the pump and pump speed. These parameters are fed to the computer via a signal conditioning unit, the interfacing and communication system. The acquired data is analysed and displayed in tabular/ graphical format by a Windows based software. Facility to print the data helps student keep record of their experiments.
Different types of pumps can be studied on the same test rig. Sump tank, measuring instruments and piping is common to all the pumps. This saves space as well as gives good value for money.
Gear pump, Vane pump, variable discharge pump, axial flow pump and many more types of oil pumps are studied.


  1. Gear Pump
  2. Vane pump
  3. Axial piston pump
  4. Variable discharge pump
  5. Flow transmitter
  6. Torque Transmitter
  7. Power transmitter
  8. Pressure Transmitter
  9. RPM Transmitter
  10. Sump tank
  11. Control Panel
  12. Data acquisition and interfacing system
  13. Software
  14. Computer
  15. Variable speed drive unit