NiYo Engineers’ Computer Operated Test Rig for Pumps in Series and Parallel is an advanced training equipment to better understand design concepts of water pumps and record its data on computer.
Two identical centrifugal pumps driven by an electric motor are supplied. A network of selectable piping helps these two pumps operate individually, in series or in parallel. Transducers measure pressure at various points, flow rate, power input to individual pump, total flow rate and individual pump speed. These parameters are fed to the computer via a signal conditioning unit, the interfacing and communication system. The acquired data is analysed and displayed in tabular/ graphical format by a Windows based software.
There is a facility to vary the speed of individual pump.


  1. Centrifugal pump, 2 nos.
  2. Electric Motor, 2 nos.
  3. Flow transmitter
  4. Torque Transmitter
  5. Pressure Transmitter
  6. RPM Transmitter
  7. Network of piping and valves
  8. Sump tank
  9. Control Panel
  10. Data acquisition and interfacing system
  11. Software
  12. Computer
  13. Variable speed drive unit