This module is self-contained unit. This unit is used to provide all basic services for transportation and flow rate measu­rement of water. It has table-top as working space and several experimental modules can be easily attached or mounted on this. A wide range of experiments can be performed using this.

The bench consists of an FRP tank and an FRP tray that doubles as cover for the tank as well as notch tank and measuring tank. Submersible pump is used for supply of pressurized flow. A QRC is provided to easily and quickly connect the bench to different modules.

  • Losses in Pipe Fittings and Pipe Bends
  • Impact of Jet
  • Losses in Pipes
  • Orifice and Mouthpiece
  • Notch Apparatus
  • Venturi meter, Orifice meter and Rotameter
  • Pitot Tube

Differential pressure transmitter, flow transmitter with wide rangeability and digital flow indicator is built in to the Bench. A separate control panel with necessary power supply and PC interface is supplied along with a user-friendly software