Pneumatic circuits can be regulated by electrical controls. Electro-pneumatics is widely used in automation of machines and machining related process for a variety of applications. The combination of electrical controls and pneumatics is very effective in automation. NiYo Engineers’ Electro-Pneumatic Trainer Kit helps trainee make complex pneumatic circuits using input and output signals. For better utilization of space, two sets of batches can work on the trainer kit simultaneously on two sides of the work surface.  

The trainer kit consists of work surface, components, electrical and electronic control panel, silent air compressor, accessories and storage area. It demonstrates the construction and working of basic components and helps the trainees in the designing and building of pneumatic circuits.

User has option of selecting any one of the different work surfaces,


  • 5/2 way Pilot Operated Spring Return Valve
  • Pressure Switch (Pressure to Electric Converter)
  • Timer
  • Transparent Pneumatic components
  • Components cut away models
  • Air compressor
  • Computer based training software
  • An interface device for interface of trainer with simulation software