NiYo Engineers’ Heat Pump Trainer is a training equipment for learning concepts of thermodynamics of vapour compression refrigeration cycle and heat pump.

Depending on your training requirement you can select type of compressor like open type, semi-hermetic or hermetically sealed compressor. Evaporator and condenser can be plate heat exchanger and shell and tube type heat exchanger. Expansion devices can be capillary, thermostatic expansion valve or electronic expansion valve.

The Trainer has closed loop water circuit to minimise water requirement.

Refrigerant flow rate, water flow is and power input are measured along with pressure and temperature at various points, for better understanding of refrigeration process and calculation of efficiency, COP and other parameters of interest.

System can be loaded from minimum to maximum capacity.

Capacity of the Trainer can be selected based on the training requirement.

An add-on water cooling tower can help conserve water and multiply training capabilities of the equipment.


  1. Compressor
  2. Condenser
  3. Expansion Device
  4. Temperature Indicator with sensors
  5. Evaporator
  6. Rotameter to refrigerant water flow rate
  7. Rotameter to measure water flow rate
  8. Pressure gauges
  9. HP/LP Cut-out
  10. Pumps for water
  11. Sump tank
  12. Heat Pump fault trainer