Electro-hydraulics with PLC controls is widely used in all industries for a variety of applications.

The combination of PLC, electrical controls and hydraulics is very effective in automation and Mechatronics.

NiYo Engineers’ Hydraulic Trainer Kit with PLC Interface helps trainee understand basic and advanced concepts of oil hydraulics and electro-hydraulics and PLC. Trainees can make a hydraulic circuit, write Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) software and check its execution. Numerous circuits can be created since QRC and flexible hoses are provided. An HMI can also be demonstrated.

The trainer kit consists of work surface, components, electrical and electronic control panel, powerpack, accessories and storage area. It demonstrates the construction and working of basic components and helps the trainees in the designing and building of hydraulic circuits.

User has option of selecting any one of the different work surfaces,

  • Floor standing, fixed type (P Model)
  • Floor standing, flexible type, with profile aluminium grooves (R Model)
  • Floor standing, flexible type, with SS grid (S Model)
  • Table-top, flexible type, with profile aluminium grooves (Q Model)

Model P has an advantage of cost. Models Q, R and S are modular and can be easily

upgraded to accommodate future changes in the training requirements


  • 4/3 way Double Solenoid Operated Valve
  • 4/3 Hand-lever operated Valve, Centre P to T connection
  • Non Return Valve
  • Unidirectional Flow Control Valve
  • Double Acting Cylinder
  • Relay Card
  • Pressure Switch                           
  • Manifold Block
  • Power Supply
  • Hydraulic power pack
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • 4/2 Way Solenoid Operated Spring Return Valve
  • 4/2 Way Valve hand Lever Operated Spring Return
  • Oil Collection tray
  • Bi-directional Flow Control Valve
  • I/O Card
  • Proximity Switch, Electrical
  • Patch Chords
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Hydraulic hoses with quick release couplings
  • Frame Structure
  • HMI
  • Hydraulic Motor Bi-directional               
  • Interface card to interface physical components with the software.
  • IBM Compatible PC
  • PC operation of the trainer along with PLC operation      
  • Cut section components
  • Transparent hydraulic components
  • Simulation software   
  • Magnetic Symbols       
  • Pressure sensor transducer