NiYo Engineers’ Level Control System Trainer helps trainees familiarise with various aspects of feedback control.

Water level in a tank is controlled by controlling the flow of water in to the tank. Level is measured and flow in to the tank is adjusted using a pneumatic control valve or an electrical control valve.

The system incorporates standard industrial components.

Trainees can have a hands-on training on tuning of PID controls. The effect of step-change response of a critically damped, underdamped or an overdamped system can be seen on graphs.

Pneumatic PID Controller can also be supplied.

The Trainer can be operated using a PC where a Windows based software is used for monitoring the control system.


  • Sump tank
  • Level tank
  • Level sensor transmitter
  • Pneumatic control valve
  • Electrical control valve
  • Valve positioner
  • Electronic PID Controller
  • Pneumatic PID Controller
  • Pump
  • I/P converter
  • Filter regulator
  • Interface card
  • Software
  • Computer
  • Compressor