NiYo Engineers’ PC Operated Non-Interacting System Trainer is an ideal training equipment to study process dynamics. An arrangement of three tanks can be configured as Single Tank System, Two Tank Interacting System or Two Tank Interacting System. Dynamic response of Step change and Impulse change can be measured..

A specially designed flow system ensures a constant flow rate that can be varied as per the need. To note level in two tanks and flow simultaneously, at an interval of 5 seconds is difficult to achieve. Add to this the task of applying disturbance. Our PC operated system comes to rescue here. You can set interval at which you want to log the data. You can remotely apply a disturbance of step change or impulse to steady state condition. Software calculates all the parameters and displays observed data along with predicted data. The data can be viewed in tabular as well as graphical form.


  • Circular tanks, 3.5 lit
  • Sump tank
  • Constant flow generation system
  • Level transmitters
  • Flow sensor transmitter
  • Piping
  • Interface and data acquisition hardware
  • Windows based software
  • Computer
  • Compressor