NiYo Engineers’ Pneumatic Trainer Kit helps trainee understand basic and advanced concepts of pneumatics and electro- pneumatics.

The trainer kit consists of work surface, components, electrical and electronic control panel, silent air compressor, accessories and storage area. It demonstrates the construction and working of basic components and helps the trainees in the designing and building of pneumatic circuits.

User has option of selecting any one of the different work surfaces,

Model P has an advantage of cost. Models Q and R are modular and can be easily upgraded to accommodate future changes in the training requirements.


  • 3/2 way Directly Actuated Valve (with push button)
  • 3/2 way Mushroom Button Operated Spring Return Valve
  • 3/2 way Roller Lever Actuated Valve
  • 5/2 way Valve with Selector Switch
  • 5/2 way Solenoid Operated Spring Return Valve
  • 5/2 way Double Solenoid Valve
  • 5/2 way Pilot Operated Spring Return Valve
  • 5/2 way Double pilot Valve (with manual override)
  • Manifold
  • Quick Exhaust Valve
  • One-Way Flow Control Adjustable Valve
  • Double acting cylinder
  • OR Function shuttle valve
  • Single Acting Cylinder
  • Electrical limit switch
  • Power Supply
  • I/O Card
  • Relay card
  • Pressure Gauge With T-Piece
  • Pressure Regulator With Gauge
  • NAND/NOR Elements Pilot Operated with Spring Return and Silencers
  • Memory Elements 5/2 Way Valves, Double Pilot Operated
  • Vacuum Suction Generator Operating On Venturi Principle
  • Service Unit with Filter Pressure Regulator, Gauge and Lubricator
  • T-Piece with Fittings for Tubing
  • Tubing
  • PLC
  • Proximity Sensor/ Limit switch
  • Silent Air Compressor
  • Computer
  • Transparent components
  • Cut away (sectioned) components
  • Simulation software