NiYo Engineers’ Refrigeration Trainer is designed for the study of thermodynamics of vapour compression refrigeration cycle. Various concepts of the refrigeration cycle can be understood by experimentation and demonstration.

Refrigerant is compressed using a compressor. Type of compressor can be selected by the user and application, For example, hermetically sealed, semi-hermetic, open, reciprocating, scroll, rotary, etc. Condenser is air cooled. Evaporator is water cooled.

Depending on the training need one or more of the expansion devices can be selected for comparative studies. Expansion devices can be capillary, thermostatic expansion valve or electronic expansion valve.

Refrigerant flow rate and power input are measured along with pressure and temperature at various points, for better understanding of refrigeration process and calculation of efficiency, COP and other parameters of interest.

System can be loaded from minimum to maximum capacity.

Capacity of the Trainer can be selected based on the training requirement.


  • Compressor
  • Condenser
  • Expansion Device
  • Temperature Indicator with sensors
  • Evaporator coil placed in a water tank
  • Electric heater to load the system
  • Pressure gauges
  • Rotameter to measure refrigerant flow
  • Water Stirrer
  • Energy meter
  • HP LP Cut out
  • Refrigeration components cut away model board.