NiYo Engineers’ Transparent Pneumatic Trainer Kit is a unique training equipment to demonstrate constructional details and the working of pneumatic components. This is an excellent tool for trainees to prepare for maintenance and design of pneumatics.

All the components are manufactured in a transparent acrylic body. Internal parts of the components are exactly as per those in the industrial components. Trainees can quickly make circuits using hoses and one-touch fittings. The components are operated and its working is seen.

User has option of selecting any one of the different work surfaces,

  • Floor standing, fixed type (P Model)
  • Floor standing, flexible type, with profile aluminium grooves (R Model)
  • Table-top, flexible type, with profile aluminium grooves (Q Model)

Model P has an advantage of cost whereas model Q and R are modular and can be easily upgraded to accommodate future changes in the training requirements.


  • 5/2 Double external pilot operated valve
  • Transparent Distributor Block
  • Transparent Double Acting Cylinder
  • Transparent Pressure Relief valve
  • PU-4 tubes
  • 3/2 Roller Lever valve
  • Single acting cylinder
  • Flow control valve, in line type
  • 5/2 External Pilot operated valve with spring return
  • OR Valve
  • 3/2 push-pull valve
  • Transparent Pressure gauge
  • FRL with gauge
  • Transparent Non return valve
  • 5/2 Hand lever with spring return
  • AND Valve