Oil hydraulics has major applications in industries where you need high power and continuous work. Hydraulics is widely used in material handling, construction, manufacturing, aerospace and marine industries and many more. Such a wide range of application means any engineer or technician will need knowledge and hands-on experience in oil hydraulics.

NiYo Engineers’ Hydraulic Trainer Kit is widely used for hands-on training of all kinds of end-use. Using this trainer kit, one can easily and quickly assemble various hydraulic as well as electro-hydraulic circuits. This approach helps training needs of design, operation, maintenance and trouble-shooting of various hydraulic applications.

Different models of hydraulic trainer kits are available to suit your budget, your training objective and your target audience. The training can be imparted using our Basic Hydraulic Trainer Kit, Advanced Hydraulic Trainer Kit, Electro- Hydraulic Trainer Kit, PLC-operated Hydraulic Trainer Kit, Proportional Hydraulic Trainer Kit or Servo Hydraulic Trainer Kit. We can customize our standard products/models to suit your specific training requirement. We can include hydraulic trainer kit components that suit your specific training requirements.

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