Automation Centre of Excellence

Modular production systems and factory automation are key areas of Mechatronics that are increasingly becoming essential to the Digital Factory experience. In today’s world of Hybrid Factory and Cyber Physical Factory, these trends represent production automation integrated with continuous process automation. When it comes to showcasing your software solutions capabilities in the Internet of things or Industry 4.0, what you need is a state-of-the-art Automation Centre of Excellence, Industry 4.0 Center of Excellence or Center of Excellence for IOT.

NiYo Engineers supplies customised real production plants, discrete production factory, modular production system, flexible production system, biopharma plant or continuous process plants that emulate real-life industrial scenarios. You can integrate your Industry 4.0, IoT and IIoT solutions with our systems to demonstrate your software solutions capabilities to your customers with real-life simulations. Along with our products, we also supply the necessary data for you to develop Digital Twin using your solutions to enhance to the Digital Factory experience.

NiYo Engineers can help you develop center of excellence in automation strategy, supply equipment needed for center of excellence automation and Industry 4.0 Center of Excellence to demonstrate specific use cases of your choice, such as predictive maintenance optimization, quality optimization, yield optimization, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), machine utilization, patterns of machine status, start time, stop time, total time, downtime analysis, production tracking, monitoring cycle time and much more.

With the state of the art facility in your Automation Centre of Excellence and Center of Excellence for IOT, you can collect all the data from our discrete factory or process plant in real-time and provide your potential customers an experience of real-life use cases. Various sensors like vision sensing, QR code reading, IFRD, IO Link, HART, PROFIBUS, etc. can be integrated with our modular production system. Our factory automation systems are the best way to demonstrate your IoT and Industry 4.0 software solutions in your User Experience Centre of Excellence or Solution Centre. You can integrate your solutions with our product to give your customers an enhanced Digital Factory Experience in your Customer Experience Centre. In the current manufacturing environment of the Hybrid Factory and Cyber Physical Factory, when it comes to convincing your prospective customer, our systems will give you the winning edge. For all your requirements of creating center of excellence in automation strategy and to set up automation centre of excellence, NiYo is well equipped and always ready to help.