Today all the manufacturing industries are moving towards connected machines and cloud connectivity. AI/ML, IoT, IIoT and Industry 4.0 is fast becoming common in all the manufacturing industries. All the engineers and technicians are expected to be industry ready for which it is essential that they have knowledge and hands-on experience in Industry 4.0 systems.

NiYo Engineers can help you develop Industry 4.0 Center of Excellence to demonstrate specific use cases. NiYo Engineers’ products like Flexible Production System and Industry 4.0 System or Trainer Kits are the ideal choice for the training of UG and PG level of engineers and also for the technicians. These training kits are designed to train the trainees on basics as well as advanced concepts of Industry 4.0 systems. Industry 4.0 is a complex system where knowledge of hardware as well as software is essential. Industry 4.0 center of excellence is an ideal medium to showcase your capabilities related to Industry 4.0 technologies and also for understanding basic concepts of Industry 4.0 using the real-life manufacturing environment, get experience on various industry use cases, design, installation and maintenance of I4.0 systems. Using our training products for your industry 4.0 center of excellence, you can demonstrate I4.0 concepts like predictive maintenance, production yield, OEE, machine utilization patterns, down time analysis, production tracking, and many more.

Different trainer kits are available to suit your budget, your training objective and your target audience based on which we can help you setup industry 4.0 center of excellence. The training can be imparted using our Industry 4.0 Training System, Flexible Production System_Mini or advanced modular Flexible Production System. We can customize our standard products/models to suit your specific training requirement. We can include hardware and software in our standard products to suit your specific training requirements.