NiYo Engineers’ Industry 4.0 Training System helps trainees familiarize with real life to factory automation system and basic concept of Industry 4.0.

This is a small electro-pneumatically operated manufacturing plant/factory that has various modules like material handling, inspection, drilling, welding and sorting. The plant is operated by a PLC. In order to create a realistic manufacturing environment and to demonstrate various capabilities of Industry 4.0 or I4.0 various faults in the production plant can be simulated.

A digital twin is available to enhance teaching experience.

A basic i4.0 software covers the aspects of Quality, Production and Maintenance reports. The software either resides in a local computer or can be accessed from cloud.

If needed, an advanced software can be supplied that has cloud connectivity and demonstrates,

  • Real time data & Real time analytics
    • OEE for each machine
    • Machine Utilization – Patterns of Machine Status, start time, Stop time, Total time & reasons (Machine wise & date wise) 
    • Downtime analysis
    • Production tracking
    • Monitoring cycle time
  • Maintenance
    • Running hours-based maintenance
    • MTTR & MTBF
    • Loss Analysis –plant and machine level data
  • Alert and Alarm Generation
    • Daily production SMS
    • Alerts for lower rate of production
    • Maintenance alerts


  • DC motor operated Conveyor
  • Photo interrupt type proximity sensor
  • Capacitive proximity sensor
  • Drill machine with electro-pneumatic operation
  • Pneumatic cylinders
  • Fault creation box
  • Silent compressor
  • Camera for Visual inspection
  • Magazine module
  • Inductive proximity sensor
  • Reed switches
  • Welding simulator with electro-pneumatic operation
  • 5/2 single solenoid valve
  • RTD type temperature sensor
  • Control panel
  • Basic i4.0 software/ Advanced I4.0 software solution with cloud connectivity
  • PLC
  • Computer
  • Digital twin
  • Structure