Quality monitoring can be achieved through
physiochemical measurements as well as microbial
measurements. Physiochemical parameters include
electrical conductivity, pH, oxidation reduction potential
(ORP), turbidity, temperature, chlorine content and flow.
These parameters can be analyzed quickly and at less cost
than the microbial parameters. Monitoring with sensor
technology [11] is still not very effective, as they do not
always meet the practical needs of specific utilities; although
cheaper than traditional equipment, cost, reliability and
maintenance issues still exist; and data handling and
management can also be improved. In this paper the
development of a low-cost, wireless, multi-sensor network
for measuring the physicochemical water parameters;
enabling real-time monitoring, is presented. The system
implements temperature, turbidity and pH sensors from first
principles. All the data from the sensors are processed and
analyzed, and transmitted to cloud and stored data in cloud
is downloaded and analyzed using classification based
decision tree algorithm.