NiYo Engineers’ PLC Controlled Refrigeration Training System is the latest state of the art training system in refrigeration and air conditioning (HVAC). Temperature, pressure power input to the compressor, etc can be measured for better understanding of refrigeration cycle. He equipment can be operated in one of the four different modes,

  1. Normal mode
  2. Electrical wiring mode
  3. PLC Control mode
  4. Computerised mode

In normal mode the training system operates manually like any other refrigeration training system.

There is a facility to get hands-on experience in basic electrical wiring of a refrigeration system. In this mode, trainees can do the wiring of various systems that is usually found in commercial refrigeration system. After completing the wiring, it can be operated and tested for better understanding.

The refrigeration system can be interfaced with the PLC and controlled by the PLC. Trainees can write various PLC program, test it in the stand-alone mode before taking it on-line in the refrigeration system.

The training system is interfaced with PC. The software shows the real-time data like temperature, pressure, power consumption, etc. There is a data logging facility. The software calculates COP and plots the cycle on pressure-enthalpy (p-h) chart


  1. Hermetically sealed Compressor
  2. Air cooled Condenser with fan
  3. Capillary
  4. Manual expansion valve
  5. Electronic expansion valve
  6. Thermostatic expansion valve
  7. Air cooled Evaporator with fan
  8. Transparent acrylic chambers
  9. Pressure gauges
  10. Temperature indicator
  11. Temperature controller
  12. Power meter
  13. Digital V-meter
  14. Digital A-meter
  15. HP LP Cut out
  16. Power transmitter
  17. Pressure transmitter, 4 nos.
  18. Temperature transmitter with sensors, 9 nos.
  19. Computer Interface
  20. Control Panel
    • Houses switches, indicator, Interface device
    • Electrical test points
    • Connection points for the students to build individual circuits
  21. PLC:
    • Supplied with four ladder logic program for pre-determined experiments
    • PLC software supplied for students to learn programming
    • Facility to connect/disconnect PLC to the Trainer
  22. Structure: Aluminium extruded profile sections, duly anodised
  23. Software: Windows based. Following parameter are connected to the PC