NiYo Engineers’ Generator Synchronization Simulator is helps practicing synchronization of two generators and understanding implications of the errors. The system consists of an instructor’s console and number of student console. For better understanding, instructor can introduce predefined faults in the system. Trainees then go through logical process of fault finding. Six different faults can be introduced.

Instructor console is a dedicated computer terminal. Student console is a table top unit consisting of two Generator panels and one Synchronizing panel. SAH02 is a lab based simulator with a minimum space requirement, free of noise and air pollution and almost zero operating cost.


  • Instructor’s console
  • Students’ console
    • Generator panels, 2 nos.
    • Synchronizing panel, 1 no.
    • Synchroscope
    • V-meter
    • A-meter
    • KVA meter
    • Frequency meter
    • MCB
    • Annunciator
    • Lamps and switches
  • Interface module