NiYo Engineers’ Multi-Process Control Trainer is a low-cost pilot plant designed to familiarise students with feedback, feed-forward, cascade and Ratio control schemes.

Using this system trainees work on low capacitance system like Flow, medium capacitance system like Level and Pressure or high capacitance system like Temperature. Trainees can have a hands-on training on tuning of PID controls. The effect of step-change response of a critically damped, underdamped or an overdamped system can be seen on graphs.

Pneumatic PID Controller can also be supplied.

The Trainer can be operated using a PC where a Windows based software is used for monitoring the control system.


  • Hot water tank with electrical heater
  • Air Heater
  • Level Tank
  • Pressure Tank
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Temperature Sensor Transmitter
  • Flow Sensor Transmitter
  • Level Sensor Transmitter
  • Pressure Sensor Transmitter
  • Pneumatic Control Valve
  • Valve positioner
  • Electrical control valve
  • E/P Converter
  • Heater Controller Unit (HCU)
  • Pump
  • Software
  • Interface Card
  • Electronic PID controller
  • Pneumatic PID controller
  • Air Filter Regular and Pressure Gauge
  • Computer
  • Silent compressor