NiYo Engineers’ The Programmable Logic Controller Trainer, PLC Trainer is designed to help the students understand the basic principles of logic control and to and it applications in process industry as well as the machine tool industry. All the inputs and outputs are optically isolated to protect the PLC from electrical spikes. Input, Output simulator is supplied to verify and debug the PLC program.

Ladder logic, Sequential Function Charts (SFC), Function Block Diagram (FBD) and Structured Text (ST) programming options are available.

HMI can be connected and its programming can be done to enhance training capabilities.

For hands-on experience, various modules for real-life applications are available.

  • Lift/Elevator control simulation module
  • Traffic light control simulation module
  • Rotary Speed Control simulation module
  • Temperature Control simulation module
  • Bottle Filling Plant simulation module
  • And many more


  • PLC
  • Input Output Simulator
  • PC interface cable           
  • Ladder diagram software